Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jan. 3, 2016---time to leave:

Between the colder then normal valley weather, the police pulling us over, and now this------------
 It's time to head back to South Florida!  But our flight isn't until 11pm, so we drove around Dallas a bit taking in the rare snowfall for them.  Back to the park we went for a few pictures.

 someone's roof Christmas decor.
Then into the big city of Dallas to Ugo's for our pizza before heading to the airport.

 main street---on our way to Ugo's for our last dinner this trip.
 painted store front along main street.
 by the Polk County Courthouse on Main.
 the painting on the side of Ugo's at the end of Main Street.
We stayed there visiting until about 5.  By then Ken was raring to get going on our 65 mile trek up to PDX.  In St. Louis we live about 5 miles from the airport and still leave about 2 hours before flights, so this 6 hour lead didn't surprise me.  Turned out to be a good thing we left that early.  The snow froze over and sleet began about half way to PDX.  The last 30 or 40 miles were really treacherous.  I've never seen that many cars spun out, especially on the ramps in Portland.  Oregon doesn't believe in salt on their roads, just chains and 4 wheel drive.  We actually had 4 wheel drive, but Ken didn't turn it on.  After many miles of 10 m/h, we made it to the airport safe and sound (and about 2 1/2 hours after we left DAllas).  Turned the car back into them--almost as good as when we got it (the handle to fold the middle seat down broke when we were having to use it for carting 6 people around---but with 40,000+ miles on it, they weren't concerned).
We boarded our flight on time, then sat on the tarmac over an hour to be deiced.  Then when we got to Charlotte, they had trouble connecting the Jetway.  By the time we got off our flight, we had about 10 minutes to get to the next terminal for our connection.  We actually made it, but they said they just closed the gate and wouldn't let us on.  I was a little more then pissed.  Anytime we're on time, they always wait for connecting flights --- at least ones that have landed.  So we had to wait another 2 1/2 hours for the next flight.  Finally made it back to FLL about noon on the 4th.  I always hate travel days.  You never know what stupid stuff is going to happen that you have no control over!  Not a great way to end a great vacation, but at least it was a great vacation!

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