Monday, January 11, 2016

Dec. 24, 2014---more sea foam and White Elephant gift exchange:

We started off a little slowly again today.  Tim woke up with a migraine.  Odd how he gets them so frequently, but Ken and I never do.  I think Angie may get 1 or 2 a year, but nothing like Tim.  2 Imitrex later, when he started feeling better.
  Another walk on the beach was in order!
 Even saw another rainbow!!
  Angie and I did run to the Outlet mall again---had to get more headbands so we all had Christmas headware. 
On our way to the Outlet mall, I was amazed at how high the water was.  We've passed this area of dead trees for over 40 years now, but have never seen it covered by water.  The ocean surf was really high this trip.  Now we can appreciate what happened to kill all the trees.  Over the decades, we've watched them dwindle away to almost nothing.
More of that flooded area near Lincoln City.
We were planning on going to the grocery store for our salad makings for the Christmas potluck, but we were called back before going there.  Turns out Tim was feeling better and getting something to eat was in order.  We had decided to go to Kylos, but it was closed so we ended up at the McMenamin's in Lincoln City.   Even hit it for happy hour!  Loved the cajun tater tots!  In fact, we were amused how popular tater tots are everywhere we ate in Oregon!  That's not a "thing" in South Florida or St. Louis.  We even ordered a 2nd order of them.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, too.  Finally we got by the grocery store and got stuff for a big salad as well as for a veggie plate and dip.
 Back at the condo, we prepared for "rob your neighbor", "dirty Santa", or whatever you want to call it.  It was really neat seeing what everyone was able to come up with from the different thrift stores in the area!

 Started with the youngest and went up from there.
 Mad lib card game
 nut cracker which Ken ended up stealing.
 2nd youngest--------------(loved the bag)
 perfect for their future country house!
 on to Tim-------------

 would go great in our beach condo!
 cute little seal, too.
 I was actually very happy to get this!  I love Groben.  I also got a glass container with myrtle wood lid full of little odds and ends pins and such.
 Lastly was Ken.  He ended up stealing back a gnarly shellacked myrtle wood branch and the nut cracker.
then we dragged out the games again and a good time was had by all.

 Josh's Cranium winning sculpture of Pinocchio.
 Here's my winning drawing of a salute.
Thus ended another fun day!

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