Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dec. 21, 2015---to Rogue distillery and brewery:

This was another low key day.  Started out with Tim cooking breakfast for us all.  We had quite the nice feast! 
When it was time to eat again, we headed back to Newport and the Rogue distillery and then the Rogue Brewery.
The distillery is in a building near the brewery.  Here we were able to sample several Rogue spirits for $1/sample.  AFter 3 I decided I'd tried enough!  They were also having a Rogue garage sale next door, so we popped in there to try and find some bargains.  Did get a case of Dead Guy Ale for $15.  I think one of the kids bought a $9 t-shirt or something.
Then we were on to the Brewery.  Clever how they have it set up---you have to go through the gift shop before you reach the restaurant.  
Here we were sampling the brew of the day.  I already forgot what it was.
Then we were on to the full glasses.  Tim tried to claim his birthday beer, but they wouldn't give it to him a day early.  
Then you go through the gift shop upon leaving, too.
You also go through the building where the vats are kept.
I always liked their unique entrance to the brewery/restaurant.
Back at the condo, it was another night of Cranium and Balderdash.  I'd say Angie got her $4 or $5 worth out of them!

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