Friday, January 15, 2016

Jan. 2, 2016---Senior pictures of my great nephew:

My niece asked me if I'd take her son's senior pictures while I was there.  I was more then happy to.  Too bad we waited until the coldest day (about 29 degrees) and it was so bright, but I think I got some good ones.  She even had her other kids come and my nephew join us so I could take a group picture of them. 

 My favorite

 Even took a few of him with his girlfriend.  Hard to believe he's gotten so old!
For my services, they wanted to take us out to dinner before we leave on the 3rd.  So I said how about another pizza from Ugo's (their restaurant).  Can't find pizza like anywhere around St. Louis or South Florida!  Love it!!!  We use to freeze it and bring some home with us when my brother owned it.

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