Friday, January 8, 2016

Dec. 16, 2015---on to Oregon!
Over a year ago, the "kids" and I discussed going away for Christmas.  That was before all the moving and shaking taken place this past year.  So I wondered if it was going to happen.  I'm glad to say it did!  So on the 16th, we left Fort Lauderdale with Angie and Josh and flew off to Portland.  It was a beautiful day.
 I always love taking off and landing in FLL and seeing the ocean and beach.
 Yep, we're living somewhere down there now.
I'm always fascinated by the patterns in the landscape from 33,000', too.
We were fortunate to get a great view of Mt. hood on our approach into PDX, too.  That doesn't always happen.  It was obvious that they've been getting a lot of snow there!
In the lower elevations it was obvious they were getting a lot of rain.  There was a lot of flooding.
 We landed about 5, I headed over to get our car (minivan) while the rest got luggage.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, they were out of minivans and gave us a Chevy Tahoe full size SUV.  At first I was pretty jazzed about that, but a few days later when Tim and FAith arrived, I discovered the Tahoe has no place to put your legs in the 3rd seat.  You would think a vehicle of that size would seat 7 comfortably!  Anyway---it was comfortable for 4 and we were soon on our way into the Portland rush hours traffic.  Took about 1 1/2 hours to get away from Portland.  We headed down I-5 to Salem where we cut across to Dallas.  There we stopped at my nephews pizza parlor (Ugo's) for dinner.  There's no better pizza then a freshly made Ugo's pizza! 
After dinner, we continued on 22 to 18 to Lincoln City, then south to Depoe Bay Worldmark where we spent our first 3 nights.  Here we had a 2 bedroom Phase 2 condo on the little bay to the south.  I hoped we'd get a unit in Phase 1 overlooking the ocean, but I was only able to get phase 2.  Still nice!  I see I didn't take pictures of it, but here is one in reverse of our unit that we stayed in a couple years ago.  The master bedroom is rather unique in that it has a window with blinds looking into the living room. 
living room towards doorway.
After a very long day, we settled in for the night.

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