Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dec. 27, 2015---move inland:

Time to give up our condo on the coast and head inland to Dallas---home of a bunch of my relatives and former home of myself 50 years ago.  My brother and sister in law were out of town and offered us the use of their house.  So we gratiously accepted.   But first we spent a little more time looking for a glass "finders keepers" float.
On our way, we went to see the sculpture Tim and FAith had told us about. 
 Then we decided to head to Road's End park.  I found this assortment of colorful driftwood on the beach there interesting.
 looking north from Road's End park
 Walking along the embankment.
 Only thing I found was a dead seal---the 2nd one I've seen this trip.
 Heading back to the park

 fishing in Oregon
 View from the road near Road's End park.
 The casino here at Lincoln City.  Didn't even make it to either casino for dinner this trip.  Guess 3 weeks isn't long enough!
Then we headed on across the coastal mountains again through the Van Duzer Corridor.   Just a few views from the road as we drove by.

 love all the farms and barns!

Made it to Dallas and settled in for our next week---a few more Ugo's pizzas, a dinner at Chen's Chinese Restaurant, another at North Dallas bar and grill, Tator's, and a couple out of town meals and lots more visiting with relatives.

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