Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dec. 20, 2015---walk along the beach and Mo's:
I decided it was time to check out the beach.  Much to my surprise, it was covered with sea foam!  I learned that the foam is actually the buildup of dissolved organic matter. 
Heading down to the beach.
 one of my first views of the foam.

The mounds were massive.
 The surf was pretty massive, too, although it doesn't really look like it from this photo.
washed up seaweed.
mystical beach
 a pup frolicking on the beach

 close up of foam

 Looking back towards the Gleneden Worldmark.
 one last picture from the beach.
heading back to our room---enjoying the greenery around us.
We decided to head to Mo's for lunch.  Always love this stretch of 101 just north of Lincoln City.  i remember when the dead trees were much bigger.  
much to my surprise we had a lot more sunshine then I expected, too!
 more views from the highway.
 Mo's as we're driving around Siletz Bay.
Our waiter was kind enought to take our picture.
 Looking out the window from our table.
 The kids hamming it up before we leave Mo's.

 Looking east from Mo's.
 Heading around Mo's to the beach.
 Looking across the bay at a bunch of seals.
 Amazed at all the driftwood here!

Tim and Faith looking for treasures in the driftwood.
Angie and Josh admiring the views.
 This pup must have thought he was in doggy heaven!
Heading back to our car.

Later in the day we broke off into separate groups.  We had decided for Christmas we would spend $15 for a "Dirty Santa" gift (white elephant gift, rob your neighbor, ... ) and it had to come from a resale shop.  Tim and FAith ended up going to Newport and finding some deals there.  On our first trip to Goodwill, Angie bought 2 probably brand new games --- Balderdash and Cranium---and we played them most nights.  It was a blast!  She even made room in her suitcases to take them home.

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